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Angolan cookery class with Edite (Vegan)

Thursday, 26 March more info

We are so excited for our first class with the amazing Edite. She is a fantastic chef, story-teller and teacher.

This is your chance to learn a brand new cuisine, support an amazing cause, and eat great food!

Message from Edite:

Hi I’m Edite from Angola, a country located in the South-West of Africa. I grew up in a very beautiful city called “Malanje”. There are beautiful waterfalls there. People love socialising in Angola - we love to meet up and eat, drink and dance. Cemba and Kizomba are our traditional dances which you dance as a couple. It’s a very elegant and friendly dance. In Angola the national language is still Portuguese so our culture has been influenced a lot by them, especially our food. Our food is very rich, colourful and diverse. We have so many different types of fruit and vegetables in Angola. My grandmother taught me to cook when I was very young. She passed away when I was 12 but I always remember the dishes she taught me. I was feeling very isolated living in the UK, even though I arrived here 18 years ago. When I heard about Migrateful I knew this would be a great way to get out of the house, meet people, share my skills and also learn from others. I am very grateful to Migrateful because this opportunity is helping me to reconnect to my roots and keep the knowledge of my traditions alive. I feel very proud to share with London my Angolan culture. It’s helping me to remember who I am and where I’ve come from.


Sample Menu*

-Farofa (Roasted Ground Cassava)

-Fijao do Olio de Palma (Angolan Braised Beans)

-Kitaba (Ground and Beaten Peanuts)

-Braised Cassava Leaves

-Pumpkin Leaves with Okra

-Lemongrass Tea


*Menu subject to change

This is a family style cookery class where the group collectively prepares several dishes. The chef will divide the class into groups with each one responsible for creating 1 or 2 of the dishes. Each participant is free to move from one recipe to the next throughout the evening so that everyone can get a sense for all of the dishes.

Thank you to 55East for so kindly hosting us.

Date And Time

Thu, 26 March 2020

18:30 – 21:00 GMT


55 East

53-63 East St


SE17 2DJ

Price  £43.71

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