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Contemporary Portuguese Image and Censorship - International Conference

Wednesday, 4 December more info

This conference starts with the moving image as a springboard for a debate around the topic of freedom of expression.

Forty-five years after state censorship was officially abolished in Portugal, we seem to have gained enough temporal distance to warrant some objectivity in our historical analysis of what it meant to live under its rule in Portugal, decade after decade. This conference will bring together a number of key researchers from France, Portugal and the UK to discuss the topic of censorship in contemporary Portuguese images; a debate relevant not solely for Portugal but to all of those who understand the pressing relevance it stubbornly holds in our present day.

Supported by the Instituto Camões and with special thanks to the Embassy of Portugal in London.

The conference is part of Utopia - UK Portuguese

Film Festival 2019. The full festival listing can be found here.

Date And Time

Wed, 4 December 2019

15:00 – 18:00 GMT


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