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Utopia - UK Portuguese Film Festival: Film Screening

Wednesday, 4 December more info


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A Pleasure, Comrades! + Granny (Muidumbe) (12A*) + Introduction by Raquel Schefer

About this Event

Screening schedule:

A Pleasure, Comrades! (12A)

In competition this year at the BFI London Film Festival and the Locarno Festival. 1975, rural Portugal. In the wake of the Carnation Revolution, the country and most of its people are in the process of re-organising themselves in a collective effort that sparks the interest of foreigners and expats who share the ideals of the revolution. Newcomers start to volunteer at the recently formed co-ops, offering literacy, health and sex education. Drawing from the testimonies of those who lived through this period, A Pleasure, Comrades! travels in time to give centre stage to an older generation bravely and joyfully re-enacting the social and sexual interactions of a time when women were still embarrassed to stand naked in front of their husbands.

Eight years after his previous feature, Red Line, José Filipe Costa surprises with a comical and charming docudrama of storytelling inventiveness. Long live the proletariat, long live the sexual revolution!

Watch the trailer here!

'The lingering illiteracy, patriarchal power relations and sexual taboos of post-dictatorship Portugal are laid bare in this humorous and sex-positive docudrama with a feminist soul´

BFI London Film Festival 2019

Portugal 2019 Dir. José Filipe Costa 105 min

Granny (Muidumbe) (12A)

Mozambique, the 1960s, just before the start of the war, the portrait of a colonial family. A sequence of archive clips recorded by Raquel Schefer’s grandfather, a former colonial administrator, is the starting point for an experimental documentary on the history of the Portuguese decolonisation and its memory. Double memory or memory split into two: the lived and descriptive memory of the colonisers (their texts and images) versus the fictive memory of their descendants. The film is Raquel Schefer’s attempt to represent her indirect memories of Mozambique.

Portugal 2009 Dir. Raquel Schefer 11 min

Supported by the Instituto Camões and with special thanks to the Embassy of Portugal in London.

This screening is part of Utopia - UK Portuguese Film Festival 2019. The full listing can be found here.

Date And Time

Wed, 4 December 2019

18:00 – 20:00 GMT


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