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Spiritual Healing by Dr. Fritz via Eliane Gonçalves

Saturday, 20 July more info

Eliane Gonçalves and her team of volunteers are returning to Kew Gardens, England, near London, to offer spiritual healing. 

When Eliane Gonçalves is in trance, she channels the well-known Dr. Fritz, who previously worked with Jose Arigo, considered by many the greatest healer of Brazil and beyond.

Every week hundreds of peole attend Eliane's center Casa de Auxílio e Fraternidade Olhos da Luz. Through her, Dr. Fritz works on physical and mental issues and is known for having good healing abilities. Eliane and her team offer healing in various cities in Brazil, as well as sometimes in Norway and elsewhere, organised by Norsk Spiritualistisk Trossamfunn


Dear Participant,

Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy that is a supplement to medical treatment. We therefore advise you to continue with any treatments and medications your doctor has prescribed.

The treatment by Dr. Fritz happens during the day. The healing can help on all types of physical and mental issues. This is open to all people, regardless of faith. that you are open to receive treatment.

In Brazil, sometimes this involves physical surgery, but this will not happen in England because of British laws.

The healing is free, as part of Eliane's activities to help society. Donations are graciously accepted, to cover costs.


  1. Wear comfortable clothing, so that you are at ease through the day, and to facilitate the treatment, as some of your clothing may be moved, given your consent.
  2. The healer and her team wear white clothing, as this is considered pure and clean. You can wear white clothing if you wish but it is not necessary.

The day of the healing:

  1. Arrive from the start time of 10am, and ideally plan to stay for the day (until 3pm or later).
  2. You will be given a consent form to read and sign, if you wish to have an individual session. Then, you will be given a number for your appointment.
  3. Go to the common area, to listen to the music and philosophy. Sing along if you like! Already here the healing starts, so cultivate a peaceful state and please avoid disturbing others.
  4. When your number is called, go to the area by the entry to the healing room. You will be led to a preparatory area to receive an energetic cleansing from a member of Eliane’s team. You will soon be invited to enter the room where your individual healing session will take place, and led to a table to sit or lie down on.

- When Dr. Fritz works, you may need to adjust some clothes, depending upon the areas of treatment on your body. If clothing needs to be moved or removed and if you consent, the assistants will help you, if you wish.

- Close your eyes and relax as much as possible Dr. Fritz will come to give your treatment. During this, it’s good to think about God. Focus on allowing healing to take place.

- Most people will end up with one or more bandages on their body. In Brazil, sometimes this involves physical surgery, but this will not happen in England because of British laws.

  1. You will be led out to an area to sit down and you will be offered a cup of healed water. Return to the hall to relax for a while. After this you can leave, however we suggest staying for the blessing that Dr. Fritz gives once everyone has received treatment, that finishes the day.

Suggestions for after treatment, to support making the treatment effective and lasting:

- Avoid getting the bandages wet. Remove them the following day just before you bathe.

- Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and drugs for 24 hours. Avoid eating red meat the next two days.

- Avoid strenuous workouts for the next 3 days

Sat 20th July 10:00 am

Sunday 21th July 10:00 am

St. Luke's Educational Center

(by Kew Gardens) Richmond