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John Hemming - Explorer-Humanitarians of the Amazon

Friday, 25 October more info

The three dashing Villas Boas brothers became Brazil's most famous explorers, in tough and exciting expeditions. They used their fame, throughout the second half of the twentieth century, to champion a series of indigenous tribes (four of which they contacted for the first time); they transformed public attitudes to these splendid peoples; and achieved the first gigantic reserve to protect them and their Amazonian rivers and rain forests.

John Hemming knew the brothers well, and has himself undertaken many expeditions and visited and written about tribal peoples all over Brazil. Like the Villas Boas, he has cut into unexplored forests and been at first contact of four tribes.

Fri, 25 October 2019

19:00 – 21:00 BST

The Arts Centre

Sherborne Girls

Bradford Road


Preço  £11.19 – £12.25