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Semba RE:Load Workshop

Sunday, 27 May more info

SEMBA RE:LOAD WORKSHOP with Iris De Brito & Feka Sam

This workshop is by private invitation only.

Iris D Brito has developed a dance teaching system for Kizomba and Semba that works. This workshop aims to work with students, experimenting ideas and furthering your dance practice.

* Exercises in musicality
* Leading & Following in Semba
* Footwork and establishing foundation basics.

Students will be working with Iris and the team and sharing an afternoon of music, dance and food. Best brunch ever!

Why is it private?
We want to ensure that students that will join us have an advanced level and are willing to practice in a collaborating environment.

If you would like to join please Email us
> Tell us your level and experience, who you learnt Kizomba/Semba with and what why you want to learn Semba with us.
> We'll let you know location once your application goes through.

Thanks for getting in touch
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