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We are a family owned and operated business. We believe in authentic and honest service, in conjunction with quality ingredients hand sourced in Portugal. We aim to maintain family core values and not become massively corporate.  Our sole intent is to run the business with the passion and values held by our small communities. 

Our mission statement is to partner with both leading brands and small community producers to ensure that authenticity is a guarantee. We specialize in providing artisan quality produce.


It is our ambition to create a business that specializes in the sale of beautiful products that aren’t just unsurpassed tastes, but also radiate tales of origin and the efforts of those who tirelessly produce them.

We work to strengthen relations with our standing producers, and search for those who remain undiscovered creating food and wine products that are as unique as they are delicious. 

We are great believers that good and honest food and wine tell marvelous stories - the opposite does not.

  • Fresh coffee*
  • Pastel de natal*
  • Artisans sandwiches*
  • Fine wines
  • Specialist cheese
  • Charcuterie (Bisaro Ham, Chorizo, Alheira, etc)

 * to eat on site or takeaway



Please visit us in store or online to discover our many other artisan products

Email: info@mimosaproduce.com