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Cabana restaurante -


020 7632 9630

Every time we visit Brasil, we discover another reason to love it. There are three things that we think make it truly special: Firstly, the food: it’s always communal; especially when friends gather around the oversized barbecues found on every corner. Then, there’s the wonderful eccentricity of the cities: an endless urban collage, haphazardly thrown together to create the most humble, but uplifting environments. Finally, there’s the unmistakably Brasilian outlook: ‘tudo bem’, meaning ‘everything’s good’, is a spirit that’s in everyone’s heart, whatever cards you’ve been dealt. Cabana is our homage to all of these things; our attempt to share a bit of the real Brasil.

Endereço 7, Central St Giles Piazza, WC2H 8AB