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Au Pair & Babysitter Offer in London -


We are a Colombian couple of 21 years of age, our names are Mayra Torres and Jeisson Alvarez. Jeisson is a student of topography and Mayra is a student of systems, we are both very friendly, fun, responsible and above all very energetic.

mayra: I have 2 little brothers juanda who is 10 years old and Silvia who is 12 years old, since living with younger children has always been my strong point. I have always liked children, so I had the opportunity to be a nanny on 4 occasions. my free time and it is very rewarding since I love playing with them. my experience in the kitchen has been essential obviously Colombian food but life is adaptive so I would learn easily that they like to eat you and that they do not like to eat, in terms of household chores like (general cleanliness, wash, wash bathrooms , ironing etc) is also normal in my daily life since it is something basic in our Colombian culture, to jeisson and I love animals but nowadays we only have a dog called zeus, among my hobbies I love reading books, watching movies, walk with jeisson, take pictures among others.

jeisson: he has 1 younger brother named diego who is 12 years old and for a good time he took care of his brother because his parents worked apart he also loves children sometimes I think he is a child (laughs), he learns very easily about new things or tasks, among his hobbies he loves running, lifting weights, swimming, cycling, watching movies among others, he is learning to drive as we saw that it is very important for you that one of us can drive the car.

Why do we want to be an aupair couple? We are willing to improve our English skills and know the culture and the country. therefore we found this type of work and it seemed great because we love children and animals apart from knowing a bit about their culture and country.

As I said before we love animals but now we only have Zeus who is a great charming dog and it is more than obvious that he will stay here in Colombia but if you have an animal in your house we will take care of it as if it were US.

* We have healthy lifestyles.
* We are responsible, respectful and friendly.
* We hope you are willing for at least one year.
* Salary we can talk
* We are willing to teach your children our language which is Spanish if you wish.

Any query or CV request, do not hesitate to contact us here or email: Lovealejatorres@hotmail.com

Thank you,

Mayra and Jeisson

email: lovealejatorres@hotmail.com
instagram: @therulitos